December 31, 2021

2022 or 2020 Too?

I’m sure you’ve all seen the latest meme taunting us that 2022 can also be perceived as 2020 too. As in, here we go again.

But I don’t want to head into a new year lamenting about the issues raised by the COVID virus and vaccinations. I think we’ve all spent far too much time talking about these topics, to the point it has divided friends and family.

Instead, I think it’s time to remember and celebrate some moments of 2021.

Exploring Relationship

Like most people, I had to establish a “bubble” of people. Quite frankly, that was an easy one for me as I’m not a huge social butterfly. I know, a Marketer that doesn’t like to socialize and talk – I’m an anomaly. That said, I’ve been lucky to use this time to connect with certain members of my family. It’s been refreshing to reconnect without distractions.

New Family Members

Yes. I am one of those COVID puppy people. Thought it wasn’t necessarily by choice as we had to say farewell to our longtime pet and as we are dog people, we chose to add another furry ball of laughter to our home. Who wouldn’t when you see that face?


I took the chance to spend time online learning new skills. What else do you do when you’re locked in?

So that is more than I’ve ever shared publicly, but I think it’s important to remember our lives are still so full. As we head into the new year, it’s the time most people make resolutions. Mine is to appreciate. What’s yours?

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